Ok, so this is my new blog.

I always thought I would be starting with a standard introductory “about me” post, and what sort of things you can expect to read here, but I always get self-conscious talking about myself (who’d want to hear about me sounding egotistical, right?), and even I don’t entirely know what I’ll be writing about yet, although it’ll be kind of varied. Basically, if you’re not interested in my current topic, try again later, because the next one’ll probably be something different. And yes, I know it looks a little bland at the moment; I’ll fix that at some point. It’s just that I’m in a slight bit of a hurry to get this post up, because I wanted to get this theory out there before the new series of Sherlock started airing, although I hear that I’m just a little bit late for that.

Anyway. Here goes. First post. *deep breath*


Moriarty is not dead.

Yes, you read that right; that was actually supposed to be the title of this post, except I didn’t want to look like this is an exclusively Sherlock blog (hint: it isn’t). Also, SPOILER ALERT for anyone who’s further behind than I am (The Abominable Bride is the most recent episode I’ve seen).

Even though we saw Moriarty kill himself quite thoroughly, it is still possible that what we saw is not exactly what happened. After all, we know The Reichenbach Fall omitted several key details that turned what we thought we saw entirely on its head. Why not more?

The Abominable Bride was clearly meant to be a linking story between the ending of His Last Vow and the start of the next season, and to explain how Moriarty could be sending a message from beyond the grave, despite being quite definitively dead. But why is such an explanation necessary, when its already well known that Moriarty has a whole organisation set up to do his work without requiring his direct action? His having other people to carry on his work was an obvious solution, even without the tale of the Bride to inspire Sherlock to reach that conclusion.

My answer?

Jim Moriarty really was an actor named Richard Brook.

All of the information he gave to Kitty Reilly about his life and career, that was published in the papers to destroy Sherlock Holmes’s reputation? If there was any evidence that it was fake, Sherlock would have found it; it was so convincing because it was real. Richard Brook was paid to play the role of Jim Moriarty, master criminal. It was Richard Brook who was arrested in the Tower of London. It was Richard Brook who slipped Sherlock his number, who played the Game, who took John hostage at the pool. It was Richard Brook who fed Irene Adler information on the brothers Holmes and claimed to be obsessed with Sherlock, and it was Richard Brook who shot himself on the roof of St Bartholomew’s Hospital.

It wasn’t Sherlock who paid him.

The Moriarty we know was played by an actor all along, a devotee of the real Moriarty who was willing to give his life to maintain the charade. Just as another woman played out the death of the Bride, another man performed the death of the Mastermind. We already knew he is a master of staying behind the scenes, controlling events as he wishes.

We’ve never met the real Moriarty. He’s still out there. And he’s still playing everyone like puppets.


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